Use PST Extractor Pro for finest Windows Outlook conversion

When it comes too migrating your Windows Outlook files, you should trust none other than the PST Extractor Pro by USL Software. It is instrumental in providing successful conversion of PST files into Mac Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX, and EML. It migrates not only mail files but also Contacts, Calendars, Addresses etc. It is the easiest approach to mail migration from PST format to any given mail client format.

Windows Outlook conversion

Best policy towards mail migration of USL Software:

The service of USL Software for mail migration in the form of the PST Extractor Pro is not restricted only to mail conversion, it serves the purpose entirely from the beginning to end without complications. The finest features of this converter are as follows:

Multiple options available for output:

The benefit of this tool over any other method or tool is that the client can change the format of the output files according to their choice, PST to Entourage, PST to EML, PST to RGE, PST to Postbox, PST to Thunderbird etc. So you can migrate your Windows files to any mail client version you wish for.

Service accessible to everyone:

This tool is meant not only for people who know the basics of mail conversion but also for the beginners. Working with this tool is quite easy as it finishes the process in only few uncomplicated steps. The client only has to choose the files for conversion and the format of the output files.

Untrammelled speed:

It is useless to get a tool specially for mail conversion if it cannot provide faster speed in comparison to the manual method. The PST Extractor Pro passes this test and provides a service which is not only accurate but also faster. The clients can lay hands of the results faster since this tool has got the bulk conversion trick under its sleeve. This methodology speeds up the process by multiple times since the client can convert hundreds of files at once with this tool without worrying about the accuracy of the task or about the safety of the files.

Special care for attachments:

This tool would make sure that your files have their attachments secured with them post the conversion. The instance of incomplete conversion is unheard of with this tool since it is careful about preserving all the attachment files and nested messages. Also, those files are kept in their old position, so the client does not have to waste time locating them after the conversion.

Preserves integrity of data:

The most common cause of corruption of data and of any kind of modification is the inability on the part of the tool to maintain the proper integrity of data. The PST Extractor Pro has been prepared specially to tackle this common problem meaning that all kinds of data- Unicode, metadata, headers, non-English languages, and any other kind of unique content remains unharmed.

Get it here:

Apart from these features, it also comes with free lifetime software updates. Try the demo version of the tool for satisfaction regarding the features of the tool.