Windows Live Mail to PST

Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST Conversion (Easy Way)

Click click click and get the perfect Windows Live mail to Outlook PST conversion!

Wouldn’t it be an ideal situation if only a few clicks could give us the perfect Windows Live mail to Outlook PST conversion results? While it may seem like a distant dream, the reality is that there does exist a tool that makes all of this possible. We are referring to the revolutionary tool- Mail Passport Lite.

Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST Conversion Tool

Manual conversions are a headache for the majority of the users as there is excessive use of technical knowledge within the processes. Even with the converter tools, there is no guarantee of simpler journey or pathways leading to the end. However, this gloomy situation can be lit up with the use of Mail Passport lite– a tool developed to provide Windows Live mail to Outlook PST conversions, especially, for the beginners at the job.

Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST

The tool is an outcome of great research and efforts made by the team at Gladwev Software. They have succeeded at creating a tool that can give out highly professional conversion results without involving the user directly into the complicated task. This is done by providing a simple interface at the forefront while the nasty conversion task unfolds itself in the background. As such, users don’t bear the burden of the process and the task gets completed too.

This is undoubtedly the dream tool for every user who has ever wished for getting the perfect replicas for their Windows Live mail to Outlook PST conversion tasks.

More than just a simple looking Windows Live mail to Outlook PST conversion tool!

The simplicity offered by Mail Passport Lite is certainly its USP, however, that is not the only trait it has. The tool offers multiple merits, some of which are enlisted here:

Impeccable conversions

The conversion results are worth the praise. Every single element can be found properly placed in the right location. Not to mention, the unhurt integrity of the files all through this journey.


The tool gives out swift conversions without wasting any time on unnecessary steps. It merely takes 3-4 clicks and possibly a few minutes to complete the entire job.

Support Team

At any point of time, if the users get stuck at this job, there is full support in the form of a friendly technical support team that remains available round the clock all through the year.


The tool is devised to take care of conversions from MBOX or EML files to PST. Is that too less? Don’t worry. Another tool can be picked up from the same shop. Mail Passport Pro is, in a way, the big brother of this tool.

It can convert any MBOX files to pst for Mac and Windows Outlook, including Google MBOX to PST.

It supports conversions from Apple mail, Postbox, Thunderbird, and Entourage, Outlook for Mac as well. Happy now? So, what are you waiting for? Download the copy of Mail Passport Pro or Mail Passport Lite right now!

Windows Live Mail to Outlook

The best solution to achieve Windows Live mail to Outlook PST conversions is right in front of you. The only thing left to do is that first step from your end!