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Seeking MBOX to PST Converter with Simple UI and Powerful Algorithms !

MBOX to PST Conversion Tool is a special category of software applications that have one of the hardest challenges in all of the computer related tasks. Even though email clients like Mac Mail and Windows Outlook have been for quite some time, the process of changing the client and  migrating the data across them remains quite underdeveloped.

There are often no built-in features or support to let users migrate data effectively. Sometimes, a similar file format is shared across both clients in question and can get easier for users to transfer data using that file. But in some cases, likes MBOX data to Outlook, the lack of any similar shared file makes the job daunting.

This post is about MBOX to PST conversion and how you don’t have to get involved with all the
obsolete and inefficient solutions that exist.

MBOX is a generic file format used by many clients, originally associated with Mac Mail. Most
commonly, users get data in MBOX file from Google takeout feature. You can download your emails or data from other series like Blogger, Google contacts, etc. into an MBOX file. You can then open or import this file into several applications, including Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc. But the problem lies with Outlook for Windows users.

Windows Outlook implements their own proprietary file format called PST to import, export, archive, or backup data. So, if you have MBOX file either from Google or elsewhere, the only way you are going to get into Outlook to view the contents is by converting it into PST.

That’s where third-party file converters come into action. But most of them have a terrible approach to the process. They can’t cleanly extract the information from MBOX files, especially the more sophisticated components. For example: characters in non-ASCII standard are hard to detect, extract and convert by regular algorithms. These characters are non-English languages that use other encoding standards from UNICODE, such as, UTF-8, UTF-16, and DBCS (for Chinese and Japanese).

A generic MBOX to PST converter tool doesn’t hold proper architecture and adaptive logic to get to all those components. And a non-English text character is just one of many complex items in an MBOX file. More include like images or any graphical-oriented object within an email’s body, email, attachments, cloud-based links, HTML formatting, metadata and headers, contend in MIME standard (non-text files like media and applications), and so on.

A large portion of such MBOX to PST converter tools would result in fragmented PST files that are of no use.

So, what can you do to find suitable MBOX to PST Converter?

Luckily, there is a solution that works perfectly regardless of how large your MBOX file is or how
much complex information it contains. This converter has also got other generic qualities of a
software application right, like: interface, bug-free, tech support, data-conversion rate, flexibility,
and compatibility.

MBOX to PST Converter

It’s officially dubbed as “Mail Passport Pro,” developed by an experienced team at Gladwev

  • Mail Passport Pro” is a comprehensive solution to convert data from most of the email clients in Mac (like Thunderbird, Outlook for Mac, Postbox, and Entourage) and also MBOX and EML to PST files.
  • The interface is intuitive for anyone to use without efforts.
  • The data conversion rate is fast, so you can expect to convert large MBOX to PST files in no time.
  • There are options that offer flexibility, like manual folder selection, conversion log, batch conversion, filtering folders, loading entire profile database directly, and more.
  • The 24×7 tech support makes it even easier for total beginners and basic home users to
    implement the tool’s top features in an easy way or to ask for help whenever you feel stuck.
  • Full support for all Unicode characters, including Chinese and its variants like Japanese,
    Vietnamese, Korean, and more. It also converts UTF-8 and UTF-16 characters seamlessly.
  • A customized set of algorithms are developed to convert data while also keeping the folders and their location and relation among each other intact. This preservation of folder hierarchy is a unique feature you will not find in other common tools while MBOX to PST Conversion.
  • Runs smoothly, bug-free, and without any hiccups in all sorts of conditions.

There’s a free trial mode that you can try right now. The link is given below. It’s for instant download without requiring any sign up or giving any kind of information. The installer file is less than 20 MB and can be quickly installed within minutes.

Give it a shot. It will be worth using Mail Passport Pro as MBOX to PST Converter for your conversions.