Thunderbird email convert to Outlook, Mail Extractor Pro FAQs!

Thunderbird Mail Convert to Outlook

USL software, the leading provider of email conversion solutions, is the creator of Mail Extractor Pro.  This tool provides the solution to Thunderbird email convert to Outlook issue.

Thunderbird Email Convert to Outlook

Many users have repetitive doubts regarding this process and thereby this list of FAQs has been created to give solution for those very issues. The list has also been inspired by and based on a specific tool- Mail Extractor Pro that happens to be the best provider of Thunderbird email convert to Outlook solution.

Thunderbird EMail Convert to Outlook

Q. Do I need to give any permission for launching this tool?

A. Sometimes, our systems have advanced restrictions for third party tools. To gain full benefits of Mail Extractor Pro in Thunderbird email convert to Outlook job, on needs to ensure that the administrative permissions are in place. If you aren’t sure, follow the given steps to take corrective action.

  1. Open “System Preferences”
  2. Next Open “Security and Privacy”
  3. Choose “Privacy” from the drop down menu
  4. Choose “Full Disk Access”.

Q. How do I remove folders added by mistake?

A. The greatness of this tool lies in the fact that it has been built keeping in mind the minor and major problems faced in Thunderbird email convert to Outlook task from the point of view of the users. It does happen many a times that we end up adding files unnecessarily for the whole Thunderbird email convert to Outlook job.

The best thing is that if such an inadvertent mistake happens while using Mail Extractor Pro, then there is a way out. After the upload of the files, this tool prompts the users to finalize the data. At this point if there are any unwanted folders, they can be removed instantly. The tool also gives an option to remove the empty folders with a single click.

Q. How can I get access to the converted files after the completion of Thunderbird email convert to Outlook job?

A. Mail Extractor Pro is one of the most user-friendly tools that can be found in the market. As such, the process along with the associated instructions is quite easy to interpret. The whole process can be completed without any breaks. As far as the final converted data files are concerned, the user can either open them immediately after the process or for later use these can be found in the specified location. (Specified location here means the location that is selected by the user himself/herself during the Thunderbird to Outlook conversion process.)

Q. Can I contact anyone if I get stuck during the Thunderbird email convert to Outlook process?

A. Mail Extractor Pro has certain traits associated with itself. One of these is being a great user-friendly tool. The instances wherein anyone ever got stuck while using this tool for convert Thunderbird email to PST job are almost negligible. However, in such cases, the user can simply get in touch with the customer care support team. These technical personnel happily take up the queries and resolve them in a time framed manner. Needless to say, these services are available round the clock.