Outlook 2011 exporter for a safe migration to Windows Outlook

Outlook 2011 exporter for a safe migration to Windows Outlook

OLM to PST Converter Pro is an Outlook 2011 exporter that assists users in exporting their Outlook for Mac email data to the Outlook for Windows platform.

In case you have switched from using a Mac machine to using a Windows-based one or simply wish to migrate some of your Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook, OLM to PST Converter Pro will come in handy for you. This is because the software converts an OLM file containing the Mac Outlook data to a PST file that can later be imported on Outlook for Windows, allowing you to have the same data on two different email applications.

The following list offers a glimpse into the features of OLM to PST Converter Pro:

  • The tool exports all your emails, calendars, contacts and other Mac Outlook data to Outlook for Windows. It will not alter or divide the content of your emails and, in addition, it will preserve entirely the organization of your original data in folders and subfolders – the hierarchical structure of your Mac Outlook folders will be kept intact.
  • Is an Outlook 2011 exporter that preserves even non-English content. The benefits of OLM to PST Converter Pro are obvious when it comes to converting Unicode characters such as Japanese or Chinese, which are stored as double-byte characters, but which this tool can process without any issue.
  • All your Mac Outlook data is migrated to PST format. This means that the tool will export all your attachments, irrespective of how many they are, and is even able to detect all your nested messages and convert them to the PST file.
  • It is suitable even for non tech-savvy people. If you are not well acquainted with working with computers, you will find this tool a good match, because it is very easy to use, due to its nicely designed Wizard and its user-friendly wizard screens that guide you through the conversion process.
  • Converts Mac Outlook address books to a Contacts PST folder. It is able to process 60 address book fields all at once and converts them safely to PST format, in a single Contacts folder. This Outlook 2011 exporter is also able to take address book folders from various OLM files and combine them into a single Contacts PST folder.
  • The tool migrates all your calendar events to a single Calendar folder. In addition, if you have events from multiple calendar folders belonging to different OLM files, they can be merged by the tool into one PST Calendar folder.
  • It is able to handle OLM files originating from various locations on your computer this is particularly useful in case you have multiple users. Furthermore, the tool can merge all these OLM files into a single PST file.

Free trial

OLM to PST Converter Pro has a free demo version which can be found on its official website and that allows you to convert 10 email items for each folder.

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