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Use OST Extractor Pro as your OST to MBOX converter to be the leader of your ‘OST to MBOX conversions’

Relying on an external party to handle the OST to MBOX conversions for you can be a little flustering. For starters, you would be losing control of your precious database which could essentially compromise the safety and security of these files. Secondly, there would no aspect of the conversions that you would be privy to. This thought can be intimidating to many. It can also, at the same time, work as a motivation to find a way out to control these OST to MBOX conversions on one’s watch.

Since you have looked longer enough, universe has decided to reward you by offering an answer.  OST conversions are hard to accomplish. However, OST Extractor Pro has an extremely simple OST to MBOX conversion process that can be taken up by any user. They can in fact take it upfront without having the fear of messing it up. Furthermore, the results produced using this OST to MBOX converter are outstanding. If you wish to know more about this robust OST to MBOX converter then read through the concise description and tutorial of the same.

OST to MBOX converter features and process explained!

OST Extractor Pro is a terrific tool that converts OST to MBOX in a jiffy. Alongside providing an extremely simple process, this OST to MBOX converter provides some add-on benefits. These are bulk conversions, multiple output options, speedy conversions and most importantly precise results. There is also a very important aspect that it covers-safety of the files. The conversions take place in a completely controlled and secure environment.

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The tool is available for both Windows & Mac and can convert Windows OST to PST, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Postbox, MBOX, EML etc.

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OST to MBOX converter easy tutorial

OST Extractor Pro’s OST to MBOX conversion process is the easiest one that you would come across. It is a simple 4 step progression to the amazing final output. These steps are quite self-explanatory and the user-friendly interface makes them all the more comprehensible. Here is a step by step guide to convert OST to MBOX using OST Extractor Pro.

  1. The first step is to upload the database for conversion. The tool will allow manual upload as well as auto upload. For better results, it is advisable to make use of the auto load option. In this, the OST to MBOX converter will access files directly from the default directories.
  2. At the next step, you would be prompted to check the uploaded files. Empty and unwanted folders can be ignored or kept as per the user’s desire.
  3. The next step is to choose the output as MBOX. This is an important step as this OST to MBOX converter is a multi-facet tool that can convert to multiple other outputs too such as Postbox, EML, Thunderbird, etc.
  4. The final step is to choose the location for saving the resultant files and give the OST to MBOX converter a green signal. It will speedily and efficiently convert the files and present a new set of perfectly converted MBOX files.

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