OST Recovery Tool for Mac and Windows

Are you looking for OST Recovery tool? Here is a tool, that works on both Mac and Windows.

OST Recovery

This is an information era, and in this age everyone owns and runs a computer. From a 5 year old to 80 year old, everyone has taken to modernist machine of computer. Gone are the days when computers were just used by professionals. Computer and its benefits are employed by everyone to enhance the richness of their life.

These people also use many things in common in their computers. For example, nowadays everyone is using MS Outlook as their email client. Since schools have employed new education strategies like PBL and STEM, children have also started using Outlook. Professionals have been using it for a long time.

This article has been written to suggest you that since every member of your family using Outlook, you need to have an OST recovery tool in your toolkit for your entire family. Not only this option saves your family members from a great deal of trouble, but it will also manifest as a super saving. To understand the need of an OST recovery tool, let’s dive deeper into the functioning of Microsoft Outlook.

MS Outlook as an email client explained

MS Outlook has three prime components at work – One that works offline; one that works online; and one that works to sync the two mentioned before. The one that works offline is OST format. OST format saves all mailbox items like calendars, mail, and notes etc. offline. They are very helpful as they can be accessed anytime and are circulated very easily. PST is what works online. PST stands for personal storage table. MS Exchanger sever is that link between OST and PST. OST is synced with PST by MS Exchange server, and thus it allows OST files to work in Outlook.

Some problems prevalent in this email client are as follows:-

  • At times it becomes impossible to import OST into Outlook – This scenario can arise due to following reasons – either exchanger server crashes or it has been brought down for maintenance, or our OST database gets corrupt.
  • There is no easy solution to repair our corrupt OST database.
  • Sometimes user account on MS Exchanger server gets erased accidentally.

All these problems have only one solution OST to PST Conversion. This process is so difficult and prone to errors that it is never recommended to execute this task manually. One always needs the support of a highly professional tool to carry out this task.

OST Recovery Tool

OST Extractor Pro is one such tool. With a highly interactive and graphical user interface, the tool can make any difficult OST to PST Conversion a cakewalk. The tool has all the prime features in need and it also caters to customers need in post conversion process.

ost recovery

OST Extractor Pro can convert all types of data, extract it from anywhere and convert it to any format customers like.

Try This OST Recovery Tool

OST Extractor Pro also has a free trial version which can be utilized to know the tool more.

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

For family benefit, the tool has a household version which costs only $79. It can be used by any 5 members of the family. At $49 you will get single user license.

ost recovery tool

The need of OST Recovery tool can be felt anytime to recover ost files, Get OST Extractor Pro right now.