OLM to PST conversions explained

olm to pst converter

Have you ever wondered why so many people are constantly talking about converting their emails these days? Why is it that there is a constant rivalry between Mac and windows users over their favorite email clients?

Nothing happens without reason and this post is about how it all happened. In 2010, Microsoft launched MS outlook for windows environment, it was a game changer for the entire email management world. It was unique, it was fast and sturdy and moreover, it provided larger data storage capacity and security for the user’s data. This made a huge difference in the way people used to organize their emails and gave them large profits and increased productivity. Mac users on the other hand, were still using apple mail which was no match for the MS outlook email app. So on seeing that windows users have a highly powerful and better client than them, they started to express their need for a similar client for the mac environment.

That is when the outlook for mac client was introduced. Outlook for mac came out as a decent tool and made things easier for the mac users as well. But there was a huge difference in the windows and mac version of outlook. Windows supported its famous PST or personal storage files which were sturdier, safer and far better than any other file format till date. And on the other hand outlook mac supported OLM files which were not so great when compared to the PST file format which also offered large data storage capacity.

Mac users wanted the similar PST format for their client but it never became possible, also, the Outlook mac client could never match up to the performance of the MS outlook. This is why mac users started converting their emails from OLM format to PST and then shifting their entire database from mac outlook to windows outlook for reasons ranging from higher productivity to increased profits.

Then what happened?

To solve the whole problem and to save a lot of chaos, email migration began and was soon made universal after the advent of third party email conversion tools. Even then, it wasn’t made entirely secure and safe until the introduction of the OLM to PST converter pro, which is a professional OLM to PST conversion utility, designed by Gladwev Software.

What is the OLM to PST converter pro?

The OLM to PST converter pro is a specialized and dedicated OLM to PST conversion utility that is designed to help common mac users to convert their outlook mac OLM files to PST for windows. It is certified to be 100% accurate in conversion results. Also, it provides the users with a 100% assurance of no data loss. This makes the OLM to PST converter pro the right choice for every email user who wants to make safe OLM to PST conversions without having to be an expert at it.

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Try it for free

You should try using the OLM to PST converter pro for free. The OLM to PST converter pro offers a free demo version that lets you make free OLM to PST conversions so that you can be sure of its performance and results. Try it and see if it has made a difference in the history of the crucial process known as email migration.

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