MBOX to PST Conversion should not be taken lightly!

Ultimate tools for your MBOX to PST Conversion.

Ever since the introduction of email clients, email handling and management have become easier and more productive. Web clients are seldom used for big database. Individuals and corporations that receive and send hundreds of emails frequently use desktop email clients. Clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Mac mail have truly set a strong presence in computer world.

mbox to pst conversionHowever, with the launch of several clients, users now have trouble choosing the best and most fitting client for their needs. Moreover, the bigger challenge is to move the data from their existing to the new client.

The most popular email migration has been from MBOX to PST, when one moves his or her data from MBOX supporting email clients to Windows Outlook. MBOX has become a generic term when it comes to the file formats for storing email data. Many email apps now support MBOX, and thus you would find MBOX files at many places. Similarly, PST is a storing file format for windows Outlook.

The issue is that Outlook has no import feature for MBOX files. That means, one cannot simply transfer the files from their existing MBOX supporting email client and import it into Outlook database. Outlook fails to recognize MBOX files and thus cannot extract the data from them to display in the interface.

For the purpose to moving the data properly between two email clients (MBOX supporting and Outlook), a user needs to convert MBOX files to PST.

As the title of this article says, MBOX to PST conversion should not be taken lightly. In the beginning, it was very rare to convert MBOX to PST. However, now as the awareness grows, many companies and individuals have a better idea of the email client best suiting their needs. Thus, we observed a trending curve of email migration. MBOX to PST is also one of the popular ones.

Therefore, that resulted in many email migration tools. The another issue is the problems that these ordinary tools bring. Many users go for the cheapest email migration tool and try to convert MBOX files to PST files from there.

Here are the top most complications you may find with these tools and why you should stay away from them:-

  • Loss of entire files
  • Loss of data integrity
  • Data corruption
  • Loss of countless hours as their processing is slow
  • Much snags in their interface
  • Too confusing for a beginner to use

Many individuals can spare some extra minutes, and even care to learn about the process, but what can’t be tolerated is the risk of data loss. Many users have their data stored over a couple of years, and losing all that is the last thing they may want.

It is very challenging to extract the full information/data from the source files, which in this case is MBOX, and convert it to PST files. Due to the complexity involved, PST files when imported into Outlook database, show inconsistencies and variation from the original database.

Manual methods or ordinary tools, both are prone to data loss and data corruption. Before going for any third party email migration tool, free, cheap, or expensive, always be sure to check the safety measures employed by the developers.

One of such tools that offer high protection is Mail Passport Pro. Surprisingly, it passed our tests and came up as the safest tool for MBOX to PST files conversion.

We recommend it highly.

Safety of your files should be the top concern. Never settle for the compromise of safety and makes sure the company behind the tool has given all the safety measures in the tool.

For your MBOX to PST Conversion, you can choose Mail Passport Pro Or Mail Passport Lite.

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