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Import EMLX to Outlook for Windows and Mac in a Best Way!

Mail Extractor Pro gives an edge to the users who wish to import EMLX to Outlook.

EMLX- the Apple mail archiving format is extremely unique in its make. Breaking down the information contained on it and thereafter rebuilding it is an unachievable task in the absence of a sturdy email converter tool. In order to import EMLX to Outlook,for instance, the users need to undergo a process that becomes nastier by the minute. As such, most of the tools break down mid-way leaving the users in predicament. However, there is no need to be bothered as yet as there is a sophisticated tool that is the key to every user’s contentment as far as importing EMLX to Outlook is concerned. We are talking about none other than Mail Extractor Pro!

Import EMLX to Outlook (Mac/Win)

Mail Extractor Pro is a tool that has been designed to successfully undergo extreme levels of difficulty in importing EMLX to Outlook. Regardless of the way in which this tool is handled, the outcome is always reflective of the delicacy in the overall operation. It has been built that way; to be used by all genres of users as well as for all forms of databases. The great thing is that it has solid algorithms that support it in creating par excellence output. After all, emails aren’t ordinary files. These contain tons of details all of which are essential to the character of a file itself. Let us help you in understanding very specifically the perks of using this tool to import EMLX to Outlook.

import emlx to outlook

Why is it in your favor to import EMLX to Outlook using Mail Extractor Pro?

The choice of tool for the process of converting EMLX to PST makes a huge difference in the overall experience as well as the eventual outcome that the users get. This tool works a great deal in smoothing out the path for the users to get perfectly converted files. Following are the major features that the users become privy to once they use this tool to import EMLX to Outlook.

Converts each and every detail on the database:

If we dissect the email files, we would discover a small world of tiny details within these files. Elements, such as to and from data, signature stamps, timestamps, attachments, contacts, calendars, etc are all a part of this universe. Mail Extractor Pro takes additional care in transforming these from EMLX to Outlook. The final files have every piece of element intact.

Preserves folder hierarchy structure:

Other than transporting the details from one format to the other, this tool also preserves the absolute structure of the mails.

Swift and accurate results:

The process to import EMLX to Outlook gets completed quickly and the files that come out are extremely precise. Nothing goes missing as compared to the original database.

Offers simplicity:

This tool has a simple process that can be followed without any hassles.

Free trial:

importing emlx to outlook

Another interesting aspect of this tool is that it offers a free trial to convert 10 items per folders to the users who wish to import EMLX to Outlook.