How to Open OST File in Outlook 365/2019/2016 etc.

open ost data in outlook

How to open OST file in Outlook 365 / 2019 / 2016 for Mac and Office 365 / 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 for Windows – a simple answer to an otherwise seemingly complicated question that has been made even more complex by the myriad of ineffective tools that are available. You do not have to face any more of that.

Open OST file in Outlook

So, you have got the OST file of Windows Outlook, but when you go on to open it or import, you find that it cannot be done. That is because it is not the personal data file like PST is.

OST (Offline Storage Table) and PST (Personal Storage Table)

OST is short for Offline Storage Table and is a variant of Personal Storage Table file called PST, which is the native file for Outlook Windows. Even though both files have similar nature and are only variants of each other, OST cannot be used manually by users for importing, exporting, or backing up data. It is used solely for the offline access to data in Outlook, a very similar to the older cached mode.

How to Open OST file in Outlook

However, there is a quicker way to open data in OST in Outlook, if not the OST file in Outlook directly. And that is through OST to PST conversion. |By using a third-party tool, you can easily convert your OST file (or files) to PST and then import PST to Outlook like you would usually do.

This question of how to open OST file in Outlook has been made unnecessary hard and complex. There is no need for that. There is no need to go through long and dreary ways to get it done. If you want the data in isolated and inaccessible OST files into Outlook, you can simply convert to PST.

Recommended tool for it

The tool that we suggest doing so is called OST Extractor Pro. One of the benefits of using this tool is that it can also allows you to save the converted data in other formats than PST, such as MBOX and EML, but for this article, we are only concerned with OST file to PST file.

open ost file in outlook

OST Extractor Pro has many features to show for:

  • It can load more than one OST file at a time for conversion to PST and have no effect in its performance and stability
  • It allows users to not let the output PST become too large by specifying the size-limit. The tool can create additional PST files after they become large by crossing the limit.
  • The UI is simple enough that even the first-time users can begin without knowing anything beforehand.

Available for both Windows & Mac Users

It is available for both Mac OS X and Windows users and both versions offer equal performance and accuracy. Speaking of accuracy, it is another reason why the tool quickly came under the radar of many experts at email file conversion. It is one of the few converters under this category that can fully process the information without any loss or gaps. From your email attachments to images to metadata and headers, the tool is capable of converting everything without exceptions. Such levels of comprehensive and precise conversion is often not possible by other traditional tools.

open ost in outlook

In conclusion

If you are not ready to deal with the indecision and inefficient manual methods of opening OST to Outlook, you do not need to. Besides, they are also risky for your data safety. We highly recommend converting Microsoft Exchange OST to PST using OST Extractor Pro and avoiding all needless complications.

The updates are also offered whenever needed to stay relevant in ever changing Outlook client and the changes in their files brought by Microsoft, or to the operating systems themselves brought on by Windows and Mac OS X. Good news is that these updates are always free.

Try it to Open OST file in Outlook

You can download the demo edition below and check it out for yourself.

Download and Try Now at

how to open ost file in outlook

After trial, there are various types of licenses to activate to full version, depending on how many computers you need to install it on.