How to export Outlook Mac to PST

Currently there are a lot of email applications in the market and millions of users are using them for their need. The top email client today is Microsoft Outlook. MS Outlook was originally launched as a part of the MS Office suite and it became an instant hit with its PST files with huge storage capacities. MS Outlook was then introduced for Mac users as Outlook 2011 and it got very popular too. Still the performance and efficiency of Windows Outlook is unmatched and incomparable. Soon the Mac Outlook users realized that the Windows Outlook 2010 version was much better because of its wider accessibility and cost effectiveness. This made them want to export Outlook mac to PST so that they can be more productive.

The main difference between these two applications is the file format which they use to store the email data. While Outlook for Mac uses the OLM format to store email and attached data, the Windows Outlook 2010 uses the PST format to store the data. Therefore the users who tend to export outlook mac to PST need to use an efficient tool which can help them to export OLM to PST effortlessly.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind before exporting from Outlook mac to Outlook PST

The first thing is to collect your OLM files so that they can be converted into PST files. You should sort out all the OLM files and be ready to convert on the go. Before exporting OLM to PST, you need to be prepared so none of the files go missed and nothing is left to convert.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you might have heard from some people that they had converted their OLM to PST on their own and without any external tool. Manual conversion involves dragging and dropping single OLM files to Outlook. This method looks much simpler when heard from someone else as dragging and dropping a thousand emails doesn’t sound like a good idea. Other than the time consumption, this method is very risky as we might miss some files and then regret later. So this calls for a perfect OLM to PST converter tool which is accurate and efficient.

The need for a professional tool comes when you are dealing with precious data which is important from a personal as well as financial point of view. A lot of people’s jobs depend on the data that they handle so when they need data migration, it has to be fail proof and 100% safe. Such a magical tool is the OLM to PST converter pro developed by Gladwev Software. This tool is the best solution for OLM to PST conversion issues and it is fail proof.

The OLM to PST converter is twice as fast and accurate than any other tool available in the market. This fact makes the OLM to PST converter pro the most desired program by any user who wants to export OLM to PST for data migration. This software offers the most accurate and fast conversion results and that too with no real effort. The user interface is interactive and it guides you through the entire conversion process in just a few clicks.

You can try this innovative tool by downloading the free trial version and if you feel that this program has stood up to what you expected, you can purchase the full version in different packages that are available for all budgets. This is a tool which guarantees 100% data safety and that is something that you might look forward to experience. Try the OLM to PST converter pro today!

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