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Export MBOX to Outlook 365 with perfection using: Mail Extractor Pro

Exporting data from any one format to another is always tiring, difficult and risky. Anything in the whole process even slightly goes wrong and you are in big trouble. Exporting MBOX to Outlook 365 follows the same suit.

MBOX and Outlook being two giants in the email service providers business are widely used. Therefore, Exporting MBOX to Outlook 365 is a very common conversion process.

But to get the most out of your attempt to Export MBOX to Outlook 365, you need help. And that help comes to you in the form of Mail Extractor Pro.

Export MBOX to Outlook 365

Perfect tool to export MBOX to Outlook 365

Mail Extractor Pro comes to you from the prestigious house of USL Software. Out of the ever-growing crowd of third-party converter tools, Mail Extractor Pro stands out due to the combination of features that the tool supports.

The tool has got all the world class features that are required to get you the perfect process of Exporting MBOX to Outlook 365.

Multiple Account Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro has a long list of outstanding features. Each of the features that the tool provides is high end and best in business. One such feature of the tool is Bulk Conversion. Bulk Conversion is the approach used by tool to achieve a different level of speed while Exporting MBOX to Outlook 365.

Bulk Conversion, as the name suggests allows you to convert files in Bulk. The approach allows you to select all the files that you want to convert. Once you are done with the selection the tool converts them all in a single go.

Thus, preserving you the time and effort of going through each file one by one. This only quickens the pace of the conversion process. It does not mess with the quality of your process of Exporting MBOX to Outlook 365.

Therefore, it’s a win-win situation. You get the best conversion in less amount of time.

Export MBOX to Outlook

Carry it all

The tool believes in the approach of carrying it all. While Exporting MBOX to Outlook 365, the tool leaves nothing behind. The mbox file converter solves the problem of data loss and it being left unconverted with this mentality.

The tool does so by automating the process of loading up of email database file. Since the whole process is automated, thus there is no room for error left. And once everything is up for conversion, the tool does its magic.

Mail Extractor Pro provides you with the best in class accuracy. Once everything is loaded up the tool converts everything present in the input file. This makes your attempt of importing MBOX files into Outlook a flawless one.

Authenticity of the entire data is preserved during the conversion process. Plus, the folder hierarchy of the tool is also preserved by the tool giving you an output file which is a replica of the input one.

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