Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016 for Mac & Windows

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016 (Office 365) While Keeping Your Mail Folders’ Intact with the Same Hierarchy!

Email migration often ends up with the loss to data integrity. More so when the email clients involved are for different platforms, such as Mac Mail and Outlook. Moving emails from Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016 faces the worst challenges to data integrity, prominently loss to folder hierarchy.

Here we are showing how you can do it differently.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016

Firstly, the conventional methods to migrate data are manual. You deal with the data files manually, move them around from server to server and client to client, and so on. Naturally, any process like that would end up with at least some form of loss to the original structure. If your objective is to keep everything the same after the transfer, the less you handle data manually, the better.

Secondly, even the software tools that get you rid of manual methods don’t solve it completely. You are still stuck with the files and you are required to load them up yourself. Take for instance, MBOX to PST or EMLX to PST converter. MBOX and EMLX are data files Mac Mail uses for different purposes.

All such generic and ordinary methods fail to safeguard the data itself, let alone it’s configuration and folders’ hierarchy.

Most of these methods are filled with losses like: broken images, missing Unicode content, damaged email addresses, and lastly, folder hierarchy.

Now, if you are paying attention, it should come to you that the best way to keep the structure intact is by taking the whole Mac Mail database and converting it to Outlook PST. Anytime you use random files individually, you are required to manually keep track of the folders, and that’s a huge problem. However, if you can map the database from the input to the output, it gets much easier.

The only problem with that is how.

Way to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016 Mac & Win

Now that is answered convincingly by USL Software with the help of a tool called “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook

Without going into details, here’s the simple reason why it works perfectly in keeping the hierarchy of your mail folders preserved; “Mail Extractor Pro” auto-loads the ‘Mail’ database and converts data directly; no need for MBOX or EMLX files. This approach to target the source and mapping the entire set of emails with folders to the output (PST) is how it ensures the integrity of your files.

How to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

  1. Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ and install it.
  2. Launch the software, click on “Apple Mail: Load”.
  3. Load Apple Mail file to it.
  4. Then check optional settings
  5. Click on “Convert”

Not only folder hierarchy, but it also results in far more precision to tiny little elements like headers, MIME content, cloud-based links, HTML formatting, nested emails, graphical components, and so on.

In short, “Mail Extractor Proexports Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016 with 100% data precision. It essentially replicates the entire ‘Mail’ database to new PST files for Outlook 2019, with no changes other than the extension and format of the files.

Moreover, the tool has plenty of other options and features for advanced users to take advantage from. It also has tech support available 24 x 7, free lifetime updates, and more.

Get it to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 or 2016

Download it herehttps://www.mailextractorpro.com

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

Use it in a free version to find out more and to assess the features even more closely. You will also notice how friendly the interface is, regardless of the sophisticated features. Almost anyone who knows how to send and receive mails and use it without a single sweat.

To export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 or any other Outlook versions, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today.