Demystifying Conversion Of OST to PST

Conversion of OST to PST

Conversion of OST to PST is a process shrouded in mystery. It is impossible to carry out manually due to inherent complexities in the process. And, there is no proper consensus on which is the right tool for the process. But through this article, I will clear the air once and for all. This article will begin with shedding some light on the purpose of OST to PST Conversion and then carrying on to finding that right tool required for the process.

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OST as we all know store mail items in offline folder on a hard drive. As mail items are stored on a hard drive they can be accessed offline at earliest convenience. To access these OST files in Outlook, one needs to have an Exchange server account which synchronizes OST files to work with Outlook PST. But what if Exchange server crashes? Then what? Well, exactly at that time, the need of OST to PST conversion arises.

Another moment of OST to PST Conversion need is when mailboxes on exchange server are deleted,  then, OST is converted to PST for recovery.

Still another scenario which demands Conversion of OST to PST is when you are moving from one organization to another and need your offline mail items in another Outlook of another computer. OST to PST Conversion can make this task easy and smooth. You can immediately start your work on another computer.

So, how to convert OST to PST

Conversion of OST to PST can be converted by many ways. Some try to do this job manually which is not only tedious and life consuming but can be very risky. Data loss is the biggest risk associated with this task. And we all know for a professional of any field data holds primary importance. Instead of doing it manually or any other way, you can convert it with a tool.

One such amazing tool is OST Extractor Pro. It is a product by USL software which has earned a huge reputation in making OST to PST Conversion a breeze. The tool has an easy and interactive Graphic User interface. Its technology makes the job much easier. OST Extractor Pro can extract OST files from any source, convert it to PST or many other formats and preserve folder hierarchy in the converted form. It can convert up to 10 GB of mails in 10 seconds. It can convert bulk mails very easily with its batch strategy. Even loaded mails with huge attachments get converted without any loss of data or speed. The tool supports texts in all languages and even meta-data is converted successfully. You can also choose the OST files you want to convert through this tool, and only those files will be converted to PST format.

Conversion of OST to PST

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