Converting OST to PST for Outlook 2019 (Office 365 for Mac / Win)

ost to pst for outlook 2019

Converting OST to PST for Outlook 2019 is a necessity. We all know that OST is the format which saves our mailbox content offline. We can review and edit these files. But when we need to use these files in Outlook, we need to convert them to PST format. This is where we need to convert OST files to PST format.

For this we need a tool which is perfectly suited to this task. One such tool is OST Extractor Pro by USL software.

Converting OST to PST for Outlook 2019

Converting OST to PST for Outlook 2019

Given below are the list of reasons for using OST Extractor Pro:-

Simple to use

We need OST Extractor Pro because not only it makes the entire process of converting OST to PST for Outlook 2019 simple but it is itself easy to use. It can be operated by any one even a layman or a child. The tool’s graphical user interface has everything it needs to make the entire OST to PST Conversion for Outlook 2019 a delight for customers. The interface is user-friendly and interactive. Plus, it employs self-explanatory wizards which helps it in decoding the task for customers in very simple language. Therefore, this tool is enjoyed by laymen and professionals alike.

Bulk Conversions

OST Extractor Pro is fully capable of bulk conversions. The tool has the entire necessary feature to carry out this impossible task. Since OST format is so fragile it needs constant supervision. Knowing this, it makes attempting bulk conversion of OST database very risky. But OST Extractor Pro handles this conversion process in a very delicate but firm manner.

It employs batch strategy which helps it in chunking down OST database into manageable chunks and converts it in entirety without compromising the quality of conversions.

Entire recovery

As the name of OST Extractor Pro suggests it is a professional in OST Extraction. But OST recovery also means to make extracted OST files usable again which can be done only by converting it to PST format. This is done easily by OST Extractor Pro.

What is special about OST Extractor Pro is that unlike its many contemporaries it does not leave anything behind. The tool holds sway over OST database and converts nested mails, embedded images and even any type of attachments with ease.

Preserves folder hierarchy

The post-conversion phase’s pleasure is associated with the order of folder arrangement. If folder order is even slightly disturbed then the preceding successful OST to PST Conversion can go down the drain. This tool does not let it happen. It preserves folder hierarchy and allows customers to locate their desired files in the easiest manner possible. Thus, it sustains the satisfaction customers have earned from successful OST to PST Conversion, and completes its job.

convert ost to pst for outlook 2019

Free trial for converting OST to PST for Outlook 2019

The demo version of OST Extractor Pro is up for grabs. This has been provided free of cost and only takes a fraction of a minute to download. With the help of this version, you can decide the tool’s worth for yourself,

Try it here:

Grab this amazing tool right now for converting OST to PST for Outlook 2019.