Converting OLM data in PST format – In perfect way

olm to pst converter

Have you imagined what it would be like to have a tool which will let you export OLM data in PST format whenever you wanted and that too without having to make any effort?

Almost every mac user has at one point of time or the other, felt the fear of data loss or file corruption due to the old method of manual conversion of OLM data in PST format. So if you have also wondered about converting your OLM data in PST format, you should keep reading.

This article is about the very popular yet confusing process of converting OLM data in PST format.

Whenever a common mac user searches for an email converter to convert his outlook for mac emails to PST format for outlook he looks for some extra things that might give him an advantage over other tools that are mostly the same and provide nothing new.

Some of the things to look for in your personal OLM to PST converter tool are discussed below


Due to a shortage of time, most users are seen to opt for tools that promise quicker results. So it is very important that the tool which you are choosing should be fast enough to make conversions quickly so that you don’t have to import OLM data in PST format over a matter of days.


Another crucial thing about email conversion is its deal with accuracy in results. Unless your results are totally precise, there is no point in keeping the tool. So make sure that you have just the right tool and nothing else.

Guarantee of data safety

The best tools always come with some sort of safety assurance. It is very beneficial to have a tool which can give you a guarantee that your data will be safe during and after conversion. So if you find a tool that can give this kind of assurance, it would be perfect.

Ease of use

An ideal email converter should be easy to utilize. The best email converter would be able to convert OLM data in PST format in the easiest way possible. So a simplistic tool should always come in handy.

Good support

There is no perfect work without proper backing. So an ideal OLM to PST conversion tool should come backed up by a support team that can take care of any mishaps or problems that a user might face.

Affordable price

The only problem with professional email converters has been their price. So in a perfect scenario, an email converter tool should fall within the budget range of a common user.

So these were the things to look for in an ideal OLM to PST converter which you can use to convert OLM data in PST format.

In case you don’t want to do the hard work, there is a tool which fulfills all the above said categories, it is called the OLM to PST Converter Pro by Gladwev software and is a professional tool specially meant to export OLM data in PST format without risking the user’s email files. Make sure you try its free demo version before buying it.

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