The Right Way to Go For Converting Your Thunderbird to PST

Conversion of email files from one format to another is tough. The process involves lot of complexities and risk. And the thing on the line is your precious data.

Manually attempting the process is like a suicide mission for your data. You may get stuck with the process for days and may never end up with the desired result. Plus, it can affect your data in a bad way. So, what’s the solution? Mail Extractor Pro.

Convert Thunderbird to PST for MS Outlook


Mail Extractor Pro, is a third-party converter software tool that comes to you from USL Software. This tool was designed to provide the users with control and safety and the tool does exactly that.

The tool is the most recommended tool to Convert Thunderbird to PST files. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The tool can convert them all. Be it converting Thunderbird to PST or Apple Mail to PST, this single tool does all that.

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The tool offers you such precision and accuracy when you convert Thunderbird to PST, that you have never experienced. The tool converts each and everything present in your input file. It leaves nothing behind.

As said earlier the tool believes in security of your data. So, when you convert Thunderbird to PST, the tool takes every bit of data under consideration.

With Mail Extractor Pro you won’t face the problem of data getting left behind or unconverted when you convert Thunderbird to PST files, or any other format to PST for that matter.

The tool even retains the folder hierarchy of your input file so that you don’t have to face surprises post conversion. It saves a lot of time too, that you would have wasted in finding something in the output file if you weren’t familiar with the folder hierarchy.

Best Tool to Convert Thunderbird to PST

The tool rates security of your data very highly when you convert Thunderbird to PST. The tool makes sure that nothing happens to your data and everything is safely and soundly converted.

The tool does this by following approaches like conversion of Unicode content. Your mail input file comprises of different types of content.

The Encoding scheme for each of those contents is different and if they are not converted according to them then this may lead to a problem.

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This was what used to happens prior to Mail Extractor Pro. Most of the converters failed to convert the Unicode content when you try to convert Thunderbird to PST files, and thus result in an incomplete conversion and much worse problems.

But not with Mail Extractor Pro. The tool converts all the Unicode data accordingly and therefore, provide you with a safe and secure conversion environment.

The tool does it all at very fast speed by following the approach of bulk conversion. The tool allows you to select all the files that you want to convert and then in a single go it converts all the files.

The accuracy and precision of the tool is maintained throughout the process and the time wasted in going through the files one by one is cut short.

Thunderbird to PST converter

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These are just some of the features of the tool that come in handy when you convert Thunderbird to PST. To experience the tools full power and abilities download the trial version today.

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