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Thunderbird Email to PST

Convert Thunderbird email to PST files with best ever facilities

The best tool you will ever come across to convert Thunderbird email to PST file is the Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software. Using this tool you can convert Mac Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Postbox data and MBOX files into MS Outlook for Windows formats, Office 365 and the different formats of Outlook. This tool not only gives plenty of options and compatibility with different mail clients and operating systems, but also provides safety and accuracy too. You can convert Thunderbird email to PST files in countless number and variety of using this tool.

convert thunderbird email to pst

Download the favorite tool among mac users to Convert Thunderbird email to PST file

The Mail Extractor Pro is a step ahead of any tool used to convert Thunderbird email to PST file by virtue of its upgraded features. Its hi-tech features uplift the overall experience of mail conversion and its user-friendly GUI makes it useful for beginners too.

Convert Thunderbird to PST

Guarantee of complete conversion:

Unlike the manual method, this Thunderbird email to PST file converter never leaves the mail conversion task incomplete. It auto-loads the entire mailbox, eliminating successfully any chance of even minute files remaining from the conversion.

Various formats available:

Using this tool you can convert Thunderbird email to PST file, convert MBOX to Outlook PST, and can carry Thunderbird/ Postbox to Outlook PST conversion. You can choose from these options, whichever suits you the best.

Converts mails accurately, preserving every element:

Every detail of the files is kept in order by this tool. It can keep the folder hierarchy intact, decorating files in order of folders and subfolders. So you are bound to get exact folder details in the output result.

Preserves Unicode/ non-English content:

Non-English language files are quite frequent and usual in mailboxes since people are increasingly using the internet for communication. However, files carrying Unicode remain at the risk of corruption owing to the inability of the tools to recognize non-English content. That is not the case with this Thunderbird email to PST file converter though. It reads every file in non-English languages, even those with double-byte characters and takes the responsibility to keep them safe.

Smooth bulk conversion:

If you are in a hurry to import Thunderbird mail to Outlook PST file, you can use the bulk conversion technique of this tool. It runs as smoothly as the conversion of files individually. So you would be able to get faster results in better time without deterioration in quality of the output. Just a single mouse click is required to transfer huge bundles of email data in few minutes.

User-friendly GUI and easy installation:

The Graphic User Interface of this tool would let even beginners to mail migration convert Thunderbird email to PST file like an expert. In addition, the installation of this tool is quite easy as well. Just click on the link below and get the tool right away. Contact our client support system for aid and for feedback as well.

How to convert Thunderbird email to PST

  1. Download ‘Mail Extractor Pro’
  2. Install it on your Mac system.
  3. Launch it.
  4. Click on ‘Thunderbird/Postbox: Load”
  5. Choose “Thunderbird” from drop-down.
  6. Click “Auto Load” to automatically load Thunderbird Mail database.
    • [Optional] Click on “Open” if you have backup copy of your Thunderbird ‘Profile’ folder from another computer.
  7. Settings:
    • Ignore Empty Folders – To ignore all your empty folders from conversion.
    • Check/Uncheck Folders – Check what you want to convert from the preview panel.
    • Size of Output PST file – If you have large Thunderbird Mail database, then you can split the PST file as required file size.
  8. click on “Convert”
convert thunderbird email to outlook

To download the free trial to export Mac Mail to PST, Thunderbird email to PST, Postbox and MBOX to Outlook (PST).