Convert Outlook Mac to PST in a reliable manner

olm to pst converter

With OLM to PST Converter Ultimate, users can now convert Outlook Mac to PST safely, while preserving their email content.

OLM to PST Converter Ultimate is a piece of software that performs conversion from the OLM file format, supported by Outlook for Mac to the PST file format, supported by Outlook for Windows. In other words, this tool allows you to switch between the Outlook for Mac and the Outlook for Windows email platforms.

convert outlook mac to pst

In what follows we will present the main features of OLM to PST Converter Ultimate:

  • The tool migrates all your Outlook Mac data to a PST file. After launching the software, if you select the “Express” mode of running, the tool will detect all your email data in your Outlook for Mac Database, including emails, messages, calendars and contacts and will migrate as many of these email items as you wish to the PST file. With just a few clicks, the tool’s wizard will guide you through the conversion process which, when complete, will give you the possibility to import the newly obtained PST file into Outlook for Windows and thus have access to your original data on a different email platform.
  • It is compatible with Mac OS X. You can convert Outlook Mac to PST directly on Mac with OLM to PST Converter Ultimate, without having to go through intermediary programs, because of the tool’s compatibility with the OS X operating system.
  • Your calendar set is correctly processed and converted. Even if you have multiple calendars, they will be merged into a single PST “Calendar” folder, combining both your default email calendar and any other calendar events you had stored in your Outlook for Mac Database. Due to this feature, you will be up to date with all your social and personal events on Outlook for Windows, just as you were on Outlook for Mac.
  • The contacts list is migrated to a “Contacts” folder. No matter the number of your address book entries, each of them will be copied into the PST file, with all address book fields merged into a “Contacts” folder. Furthermore, if the address book fields contain non-English characters, you can rest assured they will be preserved during the conversion process. The tool converts Outlook Mac to PST while preserving multi-byte non-English characters, which is a very useful feature in case you have content written in Chinese or Japanese, for example, because the characters are stored as double-byte characters.
  • The software is very easy to use by anyone. Even for non-tech people, working with OLM to PST Converter Ultimate won’t pose any difficulty. The tool is very easy to use, as all the necessary steps you have to make to achieve OLM-to-PST conversion are described through the tool’s wizard screens, which are very nicely designed and that express guidance clearly.

OLM to PST Converter Ultimate has a free demo version, which can be downloaded from the official website of the product and that allows users to make up to 10 email conversions for each folder.

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