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Mail Passport Lite is an ultimate tool to convert EML to PST and MBOX to PST file format

If there is one thing most people would hate the most is the transfer of data from one provider to other. Email migration is not different from that. In email migration, the types of data that are transferred are emails, tasks, contacts, and calendar items stored in the existing email client database. Whenever a need to migrate from one email client to other arises, the users gets a little anxious, as generally such a task is very problematic and convoluted.

One such type of email migration that is very common is converting EML to PST. Both file formats, EML and PST, are used extensively.

convert eml to pstPST is a personal storage table file format, used by some Microsoft Windows applications, primarily by Outlook. Outlook uses it as a Microsoft’s proprietary storage format for all the data. It has become a very common email file format because of the popularity of Outlook. In spite of this, there are not many trustable tools aiding users to convert the file formats to PST.

Coming to the main point of the article, there is one tool that has essential all the features necessary for effective EML to PST migration. Mail Passport Lite has the design and the framework that is quite impeccable for targeting the EML files, successfully extracting the data, and converting to PST.

Other Salient Features

  1. Capable of preserving all the information associated with emails: Do not let you lose any information associated with the content. Like- Cc, Bcc, to, Subject, etc.
  2. Preserves Unicode content: Do you work with Non-English content? Do not worry about losing your non-English content again.
  3. Preserves folder hierarchy: Mail Passport Lite is capable of keeping the hierarchy of your folders same after the conversion of MBOX file as PST.
  1. Powerful Converter: Efficient in the following email conversions with 100% satisfaction results:
  • Windows Live Mail to Outlook Windows
  • MBOX to Outlook Windows

Apart from these essential features, Mail Passport Lite also impresses by its simplicity in installation. “Mail Passport Lite” is the simplest product to install. It virtually takes one or two minutes from downloading to installing to configuration. The installation requires no technical knowledge and essentially gets up running on your computer in a blink of an eye. If you can run the basic tasks in computer, installing will be a child’s play.

Try our Free Version to Convert EML to PST and MBOX to PST

If you are still unsure about its competency, you can have a go for our free trial version.

It will allow you to have 10 conversions from EML to PST from each folder. If you are pleased with the results, you can go ahead and order the full version to enjoy the full benefits.

With the full version, you will get:

  • 24*7 customer support
  • Free lifetime software updates

So, what is the reason for delaying anymore?

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Mail Passport Lite helps you to convert EML to PST, MBOX to PST, Windows Live Mail to PST for Windows Outlook.

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