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apple mail to pst conversion

To convert Apple Mail to PST, here is the tool that works on Mac and directly convert Apple Mail database to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook.

What makes Mail Extractor Pro so amazing that it is wanted by everyone? First, the tool has made conversion of Apple mail to PST format possible. Second, it has made it possible to convert Apple mail database in bulk. Third, it has made the whole process automatic, making the process extremely easy.

Convert Apple Mail to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook

These are the main reasons because of which people and corporations need Mail Extractor Pro. Mail Extractor Pro is of immense benefit to companies. Corporations love its bulk conversion and supreme ease. Plus, the license version is so affordable and comes with so many perks that every corporation in the world wants Mail Extractor Pro in its kitty.

apple mail to pst

More amazing features of Mail Extractor Pro:-

Simple to use

The interface of Mail Extractor Pro is very rewarding. It provides customers very easy access to Mail Exporter Pro’s functionality. Its self-explanatory wizards demystify every Apple mail related task that is executed by Mail Exporter Pro. Plus, the interface’s amicability and user-friendliness helps customers feel at ease with the tool.

This tool has been made so simple that even a kid can use it without any prior knowledge of the tool or the process of Apple Mail to PST Conversion. This is the reason why customers actually describe their experience of Apple Mail to PST Conversion with Mail Extractor Pro as ‘cherishable.’

Bulk Conversions

Bulk conversions are part of Mail Extractor Pro’s main job. It has been designed for individuals and organizations, both of which find this feature of bulk conversion very useful. The tool can convert up to 10 GB of Apple mail database in a matter of 10 minutes. This helps a lot in getting over this tedious task in no time at all. Plus, the time saved can be effectively invested in primary tasks.

Entire Conversions

Entire conversion is the forte of Mail Extractor Pro. This tool has everything it needs to convert each and every part of Apple mail database. From nested mails to embedded images and attachments, it can convert everything to PST format. This entire recovery is very rare generally with other tools, and therefore, peculiar to Mail Exporter Pro.

Preserves folder hierarchy

Preservation of folder hierarchy is a norm with Mail Extractor Pro. It cannot leave its job incomplete. It can perform comprehensive conversion but it completes it by preserving folder arrangement. This helps customers a lot in the post conversion phase as they can easily locate their converted files with ease. It helps you to import mbox to Outlook accurately without any hassle.

convert apple mail to pst

Convert Apple Mail to PST With Free trial version

Further assistance to one can be provided by the free trial version of Mail Exporter Pro. This demo version will accurately display how Mail Extractor Pro works. Customers on the basis of first-hand knowledge of Mail Extractor Pro will be able to make a sound investment decision.

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Mail Extractor Pro is a Mac based application to convert Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX files and Thunderbird to Outlook PST file format.

Now if you everything in order, then download the tool right now to export Mac Mail to Outlook by converting Apple Mail to PST.