Advantages and Disadvantages of ost to pst free converter

ost to pst free converter

Today we are going to discuss about advantages and disadvantages of OST to PST free Convertor.

These are the things which we usually forget while using OST to PST convertor.

Before using any convertor you must know about the do and does.

ost to pst free converter

First we are going to discuss about the advantages of the OST to PST convertor. Here we go. –

Advantages of OST to PST convertor

Exchange Server – It is not compulsory to stay connected with exchange server during the OST to PST convertor. However, connection to exchange server is mandatory when you want to send new mails.

Security –OST to PST conversion provides security for your data. PST files are designed in a special format which is not easy to hack. Only authorized people are allowed to access the data files.

Money Saving – OST to PST free Converter are free to use and you can convert as many files as you can that too at free of cost. You don’t have to pay for it.

Easy Recovery – In any case if you lost your data then you have an option to recover your data. Your converted data remains in the OST TO PST convertor for the 10-days period. You can recover your data from there.

Now, I have written all the cool advantages but there are some drawbacks of the OST to PST convertor. I am listing them below.

Disadvantages of OST to PST convertor

Data Access – As I have mentioned above these OST to PST convertor provides high security and your e-mail id is connected to it. You can create only one account from one e-mail id to make sure that your data remain safe.

But in any case if you lose access to your e-mail id then you will not be able to access the data which will be sent to your e-mail id from the OST to PST convertor. It became difficult for MS Outlook to fetch new data. This thing should be kept in mind.

This became a huge problem for the users. So you need to make sure to remember the credentials of your e-mail id.

Data Loss – You may lose your data when you are using OST to PST convertor. This thing only happens when your internet connection is slow. Slow internet connection sometimes opens the portal for the hackers, and your important data may get damaged or hacked.

So make sure to have a fast internet connection. There are several tools available over the internet which helps you to check your speed.

The best OST to PST Convertor

At last, you should remember one thing. Choose the OST to PST convertor which is trustworthy like ‘OST Extractor Pro.’ You can use the trial version for free. You can access this tool from the given link – .

ost to pst

 If you like this tool, you can upgrade it and unlock more amazing features.

I hope now you can use this tool wisely and protect your important data from the drawbacks of OST to PST convertor.